We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Centre of Excellence status in financial education!

The Centre of Excellence award is awarded to educational centres that have embraced financial education, embedding it within their centre and disseminating it in the local community. This results in young people gaining knowledge, skills and confidence in be able to make informed and independent financial decisions.

We would like to thank our students and staff, in particular Harry Green and Helen Johnston for upholding the high level of quality of financial education that has been implemented across the school. We have tirelessly developed a financial education vision and mapped out a action plan for our school. Working with our students to understand their level of knowledge and skills when it comes to finance and understanding their views on the topic.

We have developed a financial sustainability plan to enable us to continually educate people about finance. We have with the help of PFEG (Personal Finance Education Group) showcased our work, trained others, talked to the media and ‘spread the word’ about high quality financial education.

Children and young people encounter money all the time, even more so when they become young adults. Many young people have little to no understanding of finances and how to manage them. Therefore we believe that a clear understanding of money is an important aspect in our student’s education. PFEG believes that they owe it to the next generation to invest in their future, by giving young people access to a coherent programme of financial education. This will equip them with the confidence and competence to manage their money well.

Thank you for reading.