EAL Level 2 Certificate in Engineering Technologies

EAL Level 2 Certificate in Engineering Technologies

About the Course:
The Level 2 First Certificate will give learners a broad introduction to the practices and processes of engineering technology. The qualification
covers knowledge, understanding and skills that are relevant to a wide
variety of careers and study routes and take a hands-on approach to basic
engineering training by providing learners with:

• Experience and understanding of a range of potential careers in the
engineering sector.
• Information that will help them make more informed decisions
about their post-16 options.
• Transferable skills and skills that are not widely advanced through
the traditional academic curriculum.

Overview of Units:
This qualification has three core mandatory units, which provides learners with knowledge of the engineering environment, techniques and principles within the engineering sector and an additional specialised unit is chosen from a range of practical skill-based courses.

Entry Requirements:
There are no entry requirements for starting this course.

Assessment methods within this qualification include an on-screen
multiple-choice examination for the mandatory units and a centre-marked practical and theory assessments for the optional units.
Assessment methods have been designed to assess the knowledge, understanding and
skills of learners for all units.

Where You Can Go Next:
This course is an excellent foundation for support progression to Level 3 study, in a vocational or academic course. It can lead to an apprenticeship, higher study or a career in a wide variety of areas of engineering, including automotive and electrical.

Information From the Examination Body:
Full details of this course can be found on the EAL website.