GCSE Engineering

About the course

Engineering is an exciting and cutting-edge field of study. Engineers create so many of the features of our modern world, from smartphones to skyscrapers and from software to submarines. This Level 2 GCSE for students in Years 10 and 11 helps develop practical skills and understanding to inspire a lifelong interest in engineering. It’s particularly suited to anyone with a creative mind that enjoys drawing, design, maths and problem-solving.

Overview of units

The content is divided into broad topic areas:

  • Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Manufacturing Processes
  • Systems
  • Testing and Investigation
  • The Impact of Modern Technologies
  • Practical Engineering Skills

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for starting this course.


This GCSE is assessed with a single exam paper and a Practical Engineering Controlled Assessment. The controlled assessment will require you to produce engineering drawings or schematics and create an engineering product. You will be graded on the AQA Linear 9-1 GCSE system.

Where you can go next

A GCSE in Engineering opens up a huge range of possibilities for your future learning and career options. It is an excellent foundation for further study on UTC’s Key Stage 5 learning pathways. This can lead to an apprenticeship, degree-level study or employment in a range of areas relating to engineering.

Information from the examination body

Full details of this course can be found at the AQA website.

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