Key Stage 4 Overview

As a Key Stage 4 student you will be able to follow a personalised curriculum through four different pathways: Engineering, Design, Technical and Environmental.

Similar to a traditional school, we teach all core subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, Languages and P.E. However, unlike a traditional secondary school, these are combined with an increased amount of practical education. You will be taught by teachers that have a wealth of experience in the sector and even some that started out in the industry. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills on industry standard equipment to develop more advanced, relevant skills compared to other students of a similar age. All of these pathways will lead you to nationally recognised qualifications such as GCSEs, BTECs and industry-standard qualifications. Combined with employer projects and extracurricular activities, you will develop a range of skills that will allow you to become a highly employable person. You can see the pathways and information regarding them on the next page.

GCSE Interventions

Monday After School
Tuesday After School
Wednesday Lunchtime
Wednesday After School
Everyday Before School and at Lunch
Further Maths
Targeted English
Targeted Maths