Revolutionary Facilities

Study in a purpose built school with industry leading equipment and technology

Leading the way

Study 3D design, advanced manufacture and fabrication in our 4 newly built, purpose-built, state of the art workshop spaces.

At UTC Plymouth we focus on preparing our students for high-level careers in a range of industries. Our academic expectations and facilities are designed to wholly support this aim.


We facilitate metal fabrication with the exact same lathes, milling machines, pillar drills, forge and casting facilities as would be used on the shop floor of any of our partner companies. Large scale sheet metal fabrication is possible with our manual-folding and cutting machinery while joining is enabled with our MIG, arc and gas welding bays.

The facilities at UTC Plymouth have mirrored advances in technological control and our students have full access to our in house CNC lathe, milling machine, plasma cutter, laser cutters and 3D printers. Programming is facilitated in our CAD suite, with the provision of dual screen PCs running both AutoCAD and Inventor.

Our plastics area is well equipped for students to form with polymers, using injection moulding and vacuum forming, as well as hand lay up of advanced composites.

We have a dedicated electronics laboratory with a hardwired soldering facility and individual extraction for each work area, where students develop their understanding of electrical engineering and microprocessors through the use of bread boards and Arduino boards.

And finally, students again get hands-on with bandsaws, pillar drills, belt sanders and a range of hand tools in our dedicated joinery workshops.


Study science in our three purpose-built practical laboratories and two theory spaces. Our learning environments have been designed with flexibility of space in mind, to make these areas engaging for both collaborative practical work, modelling of processes and theory-based learning. We are fully resourced for delivery of KS3, 4 and 5 science and theoretical aspects of engineering courses and practical activity and demonstration is at the heart of our delivery ethos, making the academic theory real!

Digital Technology

To support student learning in Engineering and ICT, UTC Plymouth has 3 ICT suites. These suites have devices with i5 processors and dual screens. This allows students to develop skills in multitasking, working with instructions and specialist software at the same time.

These devices are loaded with industry recognised software such as AutoCAD, Fusion360 and Inventor.

ICT specific software such as Python and Adobe Creative suite means that all students have the resources and software they need to be successful in their studies. Interactive projectors are used in every room so that students and teachers can completely engage in lesson content and learning. In addition, each student has a Chromebook personally assigned to them which can also be used for home learning. This allows students to take full responsibility for all aspects of their learning, removing access barriers and building crucial skills of independent learning, time management and communication which our industry partners very much value.

Requests for Paper Copies

As a parent if you wish to request a paper copy of any specific information on our website you should email your request to: reception@utcplymouth.org

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