Niki Martin

Niki joined us at the start of Year 10 in September 2015 and it was clear from the outset that her work ethic and professionalism would take her to great places.

Whilst studying a BTEC Level 3 programme in Engineering and Manufacturing, she proved time and again that she was a fantastic ambassador to both UTC and for women in STEM.

She achieved a great deal whilst she was with us, and knocked it out of the park with an amazing triple distinction.

Niki proved her competitive nature and represented UTC Plymouth for three consecutive years at the Royal Navys prestigious Junior Leaders Field Gun competition where she helped her crew run out back and home to the Grand Finals in 2017!

Niki wanted to join the Royal Navy from a very early age and knew the direction she wanted to take from the outset. After weeks of intensive training, we are very proud to announce that Niki passed out on Friday the 3rd of May.

She was Lead guard and P.T. superior. She also won the Stuart Cup which means she never put a foot wrong and was on point for the entire 10 weeks phase 1 training. This was the first time this year this award has been handed out and was awarded by the Commodore. She is now in Faslane for 10 weeks undertaking her SMQ (submariner qualification).

We are all extremely proud of what Niki has achieved and we wish her luck in her career.
Well done Niki!

Thank you to “one very proud dad”, Wayne, for sending this through to us. Top man 🙂