Think UTC is a new national day for University Technical Colleges (UTCs) that celebrates the work they do to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) subjects.

More than 30 UTCs across the country are participating and will hold Think UTC events for local MPs, schools, businesses, media and members of the wider community. These will involve workshops, open days and celebrity talks about all aspects STEM.

Coinciding with British Science Week and National Apprenticeship week, UTC Plymouth held events yesterday and today with special guests from the Royal Navy, Plymouth University, Oliver Colvile MP and The Fly Company.

On Thursday, LT Mike Vickers from RNAS Culdrose gave a presentation offering our students the opportunity to participate in a traditional Royal Navy ‘field gun’ event. He also brought along with him a Boeing Scan Eagle fixed wing drone and displayed it at the back end of the main hall, to allow our students to walk around and inspect the fascinating unmanned aerial vehicle. Following this, the crowd was split into two sections and participated in some Royal Navy Engineering Simulating challenges, with some heading down to the workshops and some staying in the hall.

Today a number of guests joined us throughout the day. The first was Tim Poate and Tim Scott from the Coastal Processes Research Group at the School of Marine Science and Engineering, Plymouth University. They presented the use of Quest UAV as part of their research group into coastal processes (surveying). Darren from The Fly Company then set up his commercial (media) drone equipment at other end of hall and students had the opportunity to circulate and ask questions. Finally, with thanks from the weather, the students were able to pilot their pre built drones on the the outside tarmac. With onlookers including the Naval liaison officer to the college Paul Youngman, Oliver Colvile MP and our Principal Polly Lovell, they skilfully piloted the machines across the yard, throwing in some tricks and front flips along the way.

A huge thanks must be given to everyone who participated in the events across the two days and I hope it was a lot of fun to all involved.