Great news as we follow our alumni to their destinations. We have heard that Jake Bennet, who left our 6th Form in June, has been offered a Cadetship in the Merchant Navy as a Trainee Engineer Officer in Fleetwood. He will also be taking a Foundation Degree/HND in Marine Engineering starting on Monday 12th September and sponsored by BP Shipping. His Dad thanked us for all our help as without the BTEC 3 in Engineering, he would not have had this opportunity. Congratulations to our Engineering Team for all their hard work getting Jake through his course.

Royal Navy Launch of Our iEng Projects

This week sees the start of our ‘Inspiring Engineers’ projects or as we lovingly call it, ’ iENG’. This is a culmination of our collaboration with employers back in January and February this year. We wanted to create a curriculum that was both exciting and that would offer our students opportunities to gain real life experience and, more importantly, skills and competencies that our employers demand! This week was our launch with the Royal Navy and I have added a video clip below from one of our new year 10 ‘ Protector’ students on their experience so far.

Royal Navy Affiliation

As a reminder regarding our affiliation with Royal Navy – all students are in Mentoring groups linked to a particular RN Vessel:
Year 10 HMS Protector
Year 11 HMS Bulwark
Year 12 HMS Enterprise
Year 13 HMS Vanguard

Young Women in STEM Event

Did you know that 13,000 people are employed locally in manufacturing and 80,000 are employed in manufacturing and engineering in the SW?
There are amazing prospects and we at UTC Plymouth are promoting these every day.

For girls it is a great career – 98% of women engineers in a recent survey believe it is a rewarding career and 91% had an inspirational teacher. We endeavour to inspire our girls to pursue an engineering career and would encourage them to visit the ‘Young Women in STEM’ Event next week at Devonport High School for Girls.

Progress Check Evening
Just a reminder about upcoming events at UTC Plymouth:

21st September – 5 pm onwards – Progress Support Evening for Parents and their child – Invite only for students who have been identified as needing support

27th September – 5 pm onwards – Fast Track Evening for Parents and their child – Invite only – for student who have been identified as potentially good exceed expectations

28th September – 5 pm Parent Forum ‘Review and Feedback session’ – what we are doing right and what we could do better – your chance to have a say and be part of the changes we are making.

Healthy Eating and the Co-op

Natalie Philips, our Languages teacher and PSHE Lead, has launched our healthy eating initiative. Although some students and staff are still turning to sugar to keep them awake, we do seem to be making some changes and we have all been encouraged by students making healthy choices at lunchtime.

As you know Nan our Chef makes some amazing food and is now offering breakfast. So instead of that bag of crisps, chocolate bar or pasty, why not try a healthy breakfast wrap for £1.50 or a round of toast for 40p.


We need a real concerted effort on behalf of students and parents to try and improve our attendance. There is a real link between performance in exams and attendance at school. However, I would appeal to student’s work ethic too. We at UTC Plymouth are about preparing students for future careers that includes developing their work ethic. Odd days soon add up and it has an impact on employment. The cost to employers was an average of £16 billion in 2015! Sickness has an impact on our economy! I do understand that students can be genuinely ill or have hospital appointments but I would ask you to try and encourage students into college if they are feeling a little under the weather, usually a bit of fresh air is best for them! We need to build some resilient adults of the future.

Finally, just a few notes for new Parents and Carers visiting the school – we run a one-way system for vehicles that enter the site due to congestion on Ross Street. Please drive through the gates and then exit along the road at the top of the site. Please also note that when on site, there is a 5mph speed limit. I appreciate your help and support to run a smooth and safe operation.

Thanks for reading