Happy New Year to all of parents, students and well wishers. The Spring Term has started again and already, after a few days, it feels very calm and relaxed and all the great things that were happening last term, are building momentum again.

TEEP Training

Our first day back was Day 3 of all teachers participating in TEEP Level 1 Training – The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP), set up in 2002, is a model of effective teaching and learning drawn from research and best practice. Run by the SSAT (the schools, students and teachers network) the programme is now delivered to 100s of schools across the country and continues to support schools to improve their teaching and learning. It was another amazing day of staff developing their skills and knowledge in the classroom as well as a really good team-building experience.
As you can see below, the picture shows students really being involved in their learning. As I walk around observing in classrooms, there are so many more engaged learners and interactive teachers.


I shared on my last blog a letter to parents detailing changes to staff. We have had to make an adjustment to timetables to ensure all units in BTEC are covered after Stephen Pritchett’s absence and to allow an extra option in Year 10 to be taught. You can access your child’s information about timetable via our parent portal.

Students and Science Disection

Have a look at some of our science students dissecting organs in their biology class! More images right here https://utcplymouth.org/1662-2/.

New Promotional Video!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new video to promote the college. Ryan Searle (Marketing Intern) has worked with a student from Plymouth University on creating a video which truly reflects life at UTC Plymouth. Enjoy!

Upcoming Dates

Please ensure you sign up for Key Stage 4 parents evening on Wednesday 11th January 2017. This is an important time, especially for Year 11 parents, to follow up on mock exams. We will also have representatives from Babcock and RN to look at careers and next steps for our Year 11 students. Our careers lead, Pete Bragg, will also be available to support parents in making choices for transition at the end of Key Stage 4.

Positive Message

I sent a letter out this week regarding the use of phones and images in college. We will be addressing this via assemblies. However, it did present quite clearly to me the reliance that students have on technology. This is a generation that relies on instant gratification when wanting to buy, watch, speak etc. However, it does not help students to develop the skills to develop strength of relationships and job satisfaction. How do we encourage students to care about their long term future? How do we help them to see the power of developing skills in terms of cooperation and collaboration? How do we begin to help them gain a sense of fulfilment when a job takes time to do properly? We have been debating these ideas in lessons this week and I hope you at home can continue with this dialogue. There is a lot of interesting research emerging about the effect of smartphone technology and social media on young people’s lives and it’s important we talk about it with young people. Maybe try some of the tips in the link below.

New Courses

We are delighted to announce that we are offering three new BTEC courses as of September to add to our already diverse curriculum. The new courses are in Science, Engineering and Computer Science. If you would like to know more about the new courses then click here. Alternatively, you can email us at reception@utcplymouth.org or phone us on 01752 284250.

Student of the Week

Chris Jenner – Year 11
Chris always has a smile and remains positive even when times are tough through mock exams for instance. Chris always looks smart in his uniform and is a student that is making every effort to ensure he does well in his GCSE‘s. Well done Chris!
And finally……
This is going to be a great term even though we have to get through the coldest months of the year! There is huge spirit in the school and we are working together well. A Happy New Year to everyone.
Thanks for reading