Our first week back at UTC Plymouth has been very busy and packed with lots of information for all our students.

It was great to see our students in their new uniform and thank you to parents who have persevered with the ordering process. As a small college it is difficult for us to order tonnes of stock; so we are grateful for your patience and understanding.

I welcomed students back by sharing my vision for the college and explaining our values that underpin our community.

UTC Values – part of our strong culture







Team Briefing 8.45 am


I also discussed our ‘Preparing for work strategy. This ensures that students’ progress on to solid pathways for their future whether it be apprenticeships, employment, higher education or forces. I hope you can support me and the team in ensuring that:

Attendance is 100%

Home learning and independent study is completed

Following a healthy lifestyle including 8 hours sleep


Why we are different?

I hope by the end of this week, all our students have had opportunities to see how our learning is different. This year we have some additional activities I would like to share with you.


✓ Every student will have a mentor from Industry or Forces

✓  New CCF programme

✓  Primary Programme with support from Sixth form

✓  Year 12 Royal Navy Ski Trip to France

✓  Year 10 Visit to our partner college in La Rochelle, France

✓ Year 10 Royal Navy Taster – 8 places.


I will update you through blog and letters home on other opportunities and activities.

Don’t forget Friday tours if you would like to visit with perhaps a relative like a grandparent, we would love to see you.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend





Logging on to new Chromebooks!