We all live and breathe UTC at every moment currently, as we push forward with change. Many of the changes are about ensuring we have a unique offer for young people, but now it is about both the quantity and age groups of the young people that we offer our amazing curriculum to.

This week has been about good news throughout the UT Colleges network and I thought it appropriate to share some of the fantastic comments that we have had from our students, parents, Governors and partners. 

Enjoy the read, have a very safe weekend and I’ll see you next week 😉 


UTC Plymouth Principal - Polly Lovell

55% of the job opportunities in Plymouth are stem related, with a massive focus on manufacturing. Plymouth is the largest manufacturing base south of Birmingham, yet employers tell us there is a skills shortage. Churning out students with GCSE’s that are not relevant to the requirements of our city is short-sighted. We are instrumental in bridging that skills gap. With 64% of students progressing on to apprenticeships within the stem sector, it speaks for itself why our curriculum model is so relevant and successful in changing young people’s lives.

Science Teacher - Andy McCarron

You have the freedom to teach in the style you want to teach in, allowing the students to be more passionate when you can captive them during the lesson. Its also great to be part of a team that share regularly, to help each other to be better instead of following the same style. I also feel it’s better to work in a place where you feel appreciated.

Parent of Year 10 student – Louisa Mulroney

Since my daughter joined UTC Plymouth in September 2019, she has gained in confidence and really enjoys taking part in all her lessons. Her teachers have given her amazing support and feedback about her work and she is part of the student council. In my mind it’s an amazing opportunity and such a fun family to be part of, with fantastic learning, gaining qualifications and having the knowledge that the staff are always there to help. My daughter is so lucky to have this opportunity.  

Parent of Year 11 student - James Platts

My eldest son was one of the “invisibles” in local secondary school, average in the class no trouble and border line dyslexic. Every time we went to parents evening we were reassured they knew what they were doing but we just saw him slip backwards and become more disillusioned. I became aware of UTC as an option and together we found UTC Plymouth. From his first come and have try days right through to where he is now has been the best thing we have ever done, he has represented the college at engineering challenge days and been gun captain at the junior field gun competition and is looking ahead at apprenticeships or further education.

When it came to his brothers GCSE choices we were surprised that he decided to move away from his friends to UTC and in his own words “ what the local school was offering as GCSE choices weren’t really choices and if I want to go into engineering design I will be better going to UTC.” He has grown in many ways and last month announced he has his sights on Imperial for an engineering degree – UTC Plymouth really raises the aspirations of its young people we can’t recommend it enough.

Governor – Nick Buckland

UTC Plymouth is based in the largest city in the south west outside Bristol. Plymouth has the largest manufacturing sector south of Birmingham and is home to the largest naval base in northern Europe, so the opportunities for young people in the city are enormous. By providing a specialist stem education that’s based on practical engagement with the Royal Navy and our local employers, UTC Plymouth gives our students a head start in life. Our dedicated teaching staff and strong pastoral team ensure that when our students leave the college they are ready for whatever next step they take, be it employment or more education or training. I’m just proud to be associated with the college and its successes.  

Governor – Tina Brinkworth

Plymouth is an exceptional STEM city, where 55% of all employment is in STEM Sectors.  The UTC Plymouth provides young people in the city a specialist STEM education that’s is aligned to the Labour Market and works in partnership with many STEM businesses and organisations across the city.  It is a differentiated STEM school that has dedicated teaching staff, an excellent pastoral offer and strong industry links.

Industry partner – Karen Friendship

We have worked alongside UTC Plymouth for a number of years, and whilst I cannot comment on how they provide educational and pastoral support for the students inside the organisation, I can comment on how impressed we have been as a local engineering employer as to the engagement and enthusiasm of the  students leaving the college, and when they attend site visits here. We have taken on UTC Plymouth students to fulfil our apprenticeship placements from the college for the second year running. The students have always interviewed very well compared to students from traditional schools as they are more in tune with the practical aspects and requirements of the job and have been exposed to the manufacturing and engineering environment before.

Ex-student, now in the Royal Navy - Niki Martin

UTC Plymouth worked brilliantly for me as the school environment was different to that of a normal school. The teachers would interact with me more and had a very friendly and approachable attitude. I was pushed to my limits during school and was able to take part in multiple extra- curricular. They showed me what I was capable of and gave me new dreams to reach for. 

Year 11 student - Matt

UTC Plymouth works really well for me mentally because issues at home have recently arrived and staff have really helped me. Academically because my grades have really improved from my previous school where I also had behavioural problems, which I don’t have any more.  I’m back on track as I have has great support from teachers who are constantly there when I need them.

Year 10 student - Jess

I like UTC Plymouth because the staff here treat you like a colleague and not like a child. Everyone here appreciates you for who you are. I’m a really visual learner and the school works really well for me because the staff take this on board and give me the support I need to get through what I need to do succeed.  

Year 9 student - Caitlin

I really like engineering as you get to use really cool equipment and compared to my old school, there is a great deal of trust and responsibility placed in you to work which makes me want to work harder. This makes me feel really grown up and makes me take responsibility for myself and my learning. The teachers listen to everything you have to say and take it forwards quicker than in my old school. The staff deal with the students really well and make sure that if there’s an incident, it will be dealt with quickly. This school is perfect for the way that I work and the way that I treated, and I feel really safe here.