Week 4 of our primary project and Pilgrim Primary students are in the ‘make phase’. Really great how enthusiastic students are and great to see three Year 5 parents attending our Open Evening this week. Our Key stage 3 opening looks very positive for 2020.



Big Bang SW

This week Pete Bragg, our employer engagement lead, took 4 Year 12 students to run a stall for Big Bang.  It was a really successful event and I am particularly proud of Ethan, Tom, Lowena and Natasha, who displayed such professionalism, passion and energy.  Below is a text I received from our Royal Navy liaison officer Paul Youngman.

‘Peter Bragg and your 4 year 12 students were absolutely amazing over these last two days. They fitted in perfectly with the Babcock Graduate Apprentices and the Naval Staff.  Their dedication and professionalism was very evident and they deserve to be applauded.  The year 7 & 8’s were absolutely enthralled.  A brilliant effort.’



STEM outreach is key because…

Key Stem Facts

  • Altogether, 203,000 people with Level 3+ engineering skills will be needed every year to meet demand through to 2024
  • Annual shortfall of up to 59,000 engineering graduates and technicians to fill core engineering roles
  • 157,000 new jobs in big data by 2020
  • 39% of firms that need employers with STEM skills and knowledge currently have difficulty recruiting staff
  • 61% of businesses are not confident that there will be people with the right skills to fill their high-skilled job vacancies


This week our Chair of Governors, Nick Buckland OBE, asked me to share this list with our students. It triggered some interesting conversations about how we measure progress. At UTC Plymouth destinations and outcomes for young people are key. It’s not just a set of qualifications, it’s vital that we ensure students gain the skills and competences for the future.

Here are 10 behaviours that require zero talent yet have a huge impact on our success:

  1. Being on Time – Many people have a habit of being late to meetings, work and appointments.  For most people, time is money and they hate for their time to be wasted.  Being on time takes zero talent and shows discipline.  It gives a good first impression.
  2. Work Ethic – Cutting corners may seem like the easy way out but it always leads to dead-ends.  Doing your work with honesty and dedication will take you to new heights.  Take pride in the quality of the work you’re doing.
  3. Effort – Give your everything when you do something.  You shouldn’t regret afterwards that you didn’t make enough effort to make things happen.  Always do your best.
  4. Body Language –Your body language speaks volumes about you.  Be aware of your body language and make sure it is saying the message you want to communicate.
  5. Energy (Motivation) –There can be days in which our energy levels are low, we don’t feel motivated and we don’t want to get out bed.  Stay focused. Focus on your goals.  If you know your “Why” it will be easier to stay motivated.
  6. Attitude – A positive attitude can go a long way in a workplace.  Having a positive attitude is essential to do creative work.  Your attitude determines the course of your life.  When you’re negative, you act as a roadblock in the path of your success.
  7. Passion- The enthusiasm you show when you are passionate about something is easily noticeable and can rub off on others.  Being passionate about something also gives you the ability to endure in times when things may not be going your way.
  8. Being Coachable – Be always open to learning.  You can never know everything.  To increase your chances of success, you need to be a continuous learner.
  9. Doing Extra – Doing something extra will not cost you much but it will definitely add a lot to your character and make you stand above the crowd.  “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubach
  10. Being Prepared – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  Always be prepared, formulate a plan before you do something.  Being prepared reduces significant amount of possibilities of failure.



Staff Corner

Please say hello to our Chair of Governors Nick Buckland

Nick has chaired more than 15 regional and national boards, and is currently chair of the Theatre Royal Plymouth and KARST, chair of South West Water’s Water Futures Customer Panel, advisory board member of Devon and Cornwall Business Council, and is a trustee of both Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Peninsula Medical Foundation as well as finding time to chair at UTC Plymouth.

Previously Mr Buckland was chair of governors and Pro Chancellor of the University of Plymouth, and has chaired Plymouth Science Park.

He was also the deputy chair of the South West Regional Development Agency and a board member of The Plymouth Development Company, and governor of the Technology Strategy Board, now called Innovate UK.

He has also recently accepted the role of chairman of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership, representing more than 900 businesses.  Nick is an engineer and really understands the uniqueness of our college.  We are very lucky to have such a proactive chair leading our governance.



College visit from Plymouth Food bank



Our students are very committed to supporting charities and ahead of charities month we had a visit from Plymouth Food Bank. Families in Plymouth really rely on this charity and as we approach Christmas we hope you will support us by donating and leaving food in the front entrance boxes.

8,791 three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis last year


  • Christmas ITEMS

1 IN 5 of the UK population live below the poverty line



Babcock meet with our College Improvement Group

One of the discussions our College Improvement Group had was around the selection process for apprenticeship’s.

We were able to invite Babcock team in to discuss this with our students what to expect and what offer they have in terms of different apprenticeships. It’s vital as part of our work based learning programme that students understand these assessment days and what Babcock are looking for in their selection process.



Open evening

This week we held our 3rd Open event at the college. A very big thank you to all our staff and students who supported and attended the event.  Also to our brilliant employers who really engaged with potential students. It was great to see so many girls attending and really interested in engineering careers.

Don’t forget we are taking at 3 points of entry next year in Year 9, 10 and 12.



Why we are different?

Its nearly end of November and staff and students are tired and lots of sickness.  However, I am really amazed to see the resilience of all our staff and students.

It is lovely when a teacher stops you to share with you the success of students

‘Was really impressed with these 3 today in Unit 1 lesson of level 3 Engineering. They completed a really challenging task, manipulating and matching logarithms. They were well pleased with themselves’.
Cat Clarke



Thanks for reading and have a great weekend