This week has been a fantastic week with students really focussed on their learning.

On Monday all our Year 10 students took part in a Professional Development Day with all staff. We looked at our UTC Plymouth values and what they really mean to us. We also looked at our Rewards and Sanctions to refine it even more. I was really impressed by student presentations; fantastic oracy at work!


Luke and Matt on rewards



Princess Yachts


Students also had a talk from Princess Yachts about career opportunities and what they look for. Good to hear Laura telling students that they ask for their attendance record on the application. It is crucial that students make sure that their attendance is excellent and it’s great the industry support us with this message.




Celebrating great work


We have had a focus on presentation this week – the way we present ourselves in a professional manner, the way we present in our books and the industry standards and attention to detail in our STEAM lessons. Just a few pictures showing some brilliant work from Year 10.

‘Things come apart’ in Art and Design



Great organisation of folders in English. Students really proud of their work



An update on Field Gun!


Message from WO Andy Welch, our No 1 Trainer


‘Great news that my beloved UTC Plymouth has entered JLFG 19.  I have volunteered my services as the No 1 Trainer for UTC Plymouth should you want me to continue.


I am excited about the prospect of a new season with a lot of first time field gunners, it will be much more challenging than the last two seasons where we have benefitted from continuity and a core of experience.’



This is my new weekly update on our brilliant Combined Cadet Force


Team building


Congratulations goes to team Bravo; Dylan, James, Billy, Spencer, Luke, Jude and William. They came first in our PLT’s this week scoring the highest points in team work and communication.



College Briefing

Thank you to Shane from SHARP Young People’s Services for his talk on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Sharp are a great organisation offering support for people up the age of 18 who may be experiencing harm because of substance abuse.

They can be contacted at


Christmas is coming

As we get nearer to Christmas it was lovely to see our Maths teacher Cat Clarke getting into the festive spirit with carol singing at lunchtime. A lovely atmosphere in the learning hub.


So next week will be the big reveal of our new Rewards and sanctions and some surprises for our students! Can’t wait!

I hope you had a great weekend and thanks for reading!