A big, warm welcome back to the New Year and my first blog of 2019. After all the festivities it’s great to be back and focussing on all the good work the staff and students worked on last year. We also have a new fitness regime and menu; Staff are able to take advantage of a personal trainer in the form of Emily Whitehead, so far we have had 5 staff this week and we all hurt! Love to have more on board as it’s loads of fun.



Lady Astor

I have had a conversation this week with Alexis Bowater from Bowater Communications. What a story and another reason why Plymouth is so great!


This year marks 100 years of women in Parliament and on 28th November all eyes will be on the city that voted in the first woman to take her seat in Parliament.

That city was Plymouth.

Nancy Astor was their choice and she was voted in by a landslide by the men and, for the FIRST time, the women of Plymouth: just one year after some of them were allowed to vote for the very first time.

More than 70 per cent of the electorate turned out and she received more votes than both of her opponents combined.

It was an extraordinary achievement by a city that didn’t hold back. They knew they were making history and they smashed it.

On 1st December 1919 Nancy Astor became the first woman MP to enter the House of Commons and to take her seat. She faced up to more than 620 largely hostile men who threw torn up pieces of paper at her and refused to move their knees to let her take her rightful, elected, seat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCPJ530Y8U8

She did such a good job for Plymouth that they voted her in time and time and time and time and time and time and time again (seven times in all) and she served this city as MP for more than a quarter of a century.

For the first two years she was in parliament she served as a lone female MP, facing up to and famously facing down parliamentarians who admitted that they tried to ‘freeze her out’.

But she stayed because Plymouth voted her in. In the face of all of that she never gave up.

November 28th marks 100 years since it was announced that Plymouth had pivoted western democracy on its head.


On that day there will be an unveiling of a statue to her and there is a Crowdfund to raise the money for this statue.  You can also be part of that by buying an engraved stone around the statue. There is also the option to, and this is part of the legacy that we want to really push, put the names of children in the city and in Devon, their hopes and dreams for the future in our time capsule to be opened in 100 years.

Please join the crowd and get involved. Please share this with every other school that you know of.


The Crowdfunder has been extended to the end of January so you have time to make your pledges: /www.crowdfunder.co.uk/lady-astor-statue-100-campaign

There is also a website here with the video on it too if you would like to use it for education purposes www.ladyastorstatue100.co.uk

Our intervention programme

First week back and some fantastic intervention programmes in place after we crunched the data on the assessments at the end of term. Students pictured here had a lively session working on improving their handwriting strategies. I think they enjoyed the play dough exercise!




New Office Manager

Sarah Beveridge, who you will know as our Receptionist and Senior Administrator, has now taken over the role of Office Manager at UTC. Sarah has been with UTC since we opened in 2013 and is very knowledgeable about all things UTC Plymouth! I am really delighted that she has taken on this role and look forward to working with her. Sarah is managing our admin team and please also welcome Kate Denkinson, who has joined us as temporary Receptionist.





Visit from Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)


Lovely to meet Michelle Cockburn and Miranda Hoveden from ICE and show them around our amazing facilities. Miranda and Michelle showed our students the new Engineering Plymouth Film narrated by Dawn French. Watch it here




Fascinating film that shows the history and development of Plymouth as a city and why Engineering is so important to us. Essentially it made me think why we have and need a UTC here. We hope to be doing further collaboration together this year.



New spring lunch menu – Here’s a taster – Thanks Jess looks great!

Jess has been working over Christmas on our new menu plus the kitchen got a really deep clean. So many thanks to Jess for her #dedication




Our premium mentoring programme continues – Luis meets his mentor from Ministry of Defence. Luis is starting to look at what he needs to do to prepare for his career aims.



What’s on
Spring Term is always incredibly busy and this year we have some exciting events.

Next Wednesday Evening don’t forget you can book in a tour of the building and see what it’s like to study in such a brilliant environment. Book in via Eventbrite






Oracy and confidence

Matt as ‘Master of Ceremonies’

End of Term – I was unable to get the pictures of our last day of term. What an incredible celebration we had with parents and students – so proud of all our students that presented and were awarded. A big thank you to all the staff especially Jo Ware who rehearsed students for our STEAM Presentations. Walking around college this week I can see the benefits of these skills as students are speaking with such confidence. #oracy we love it!

6th Form Award Winners

Year 10 Award Winners

Great to start 2019 with students motivated and ready to learn!