Principals Blog, Week 29 of 2019

I am sure you all agree that this quote is 100% true… Educators are superheroes because we are impacting the lives of students and literally shaping the future of our world. From creating engaging learning opportunities to building positive relationships to inspiring those around us, it takes superpowers to do that work each and every day with one main goal… positively impacting the lives of our students!

Teachers shape our next generations.
Teachers do more than just teach.
Teachers are underappreciated, but never stop working hard.
A teacher’s job extends beyond the usual 9-5.
Teachers have undying patience.
Teachers inspire and care.
Teachers have to deal with test-based evaluations and adhere to, sometimes unattainable, state standards.
Teachers are passionate about what they do.
Teachers are just human, but they are given the job of a true superhero.
Some great statements here as this week’s blogs celebrates not just teachers but all our staff at UTC Plymouth who work tirelessly to make UTC Plymouth such an amazing place to learn.

A few actions from all my staff (in no particular order) that deserve praise for what they have done this week.

• Thank you to Helen – who drove to BRISTOL Airport and picked up our French exchange students; when the plane was delayed didn’t get back to Plymouth until after 10 pm
• A big thank you to Sophie who just took the reins and organised students who were not on work experience next week.
• Brilliant empathy from Steve and Mike who as engineers here also have a significant role in supporting students pastorally too. They go out of their way to help our students succeed.
• I rely on Jasmin’s eyes and ears she understands the needs of all our students who need that extra support; she is truly super-efficient.
• Thank you to Jo for her brilliant insight in supporting other colleagues in such a positive and brilliant manner.
• Thank you for our energetic chef Jess for a complete passion for what she does!
• Awesome work from Jason who is making our college look so amazing with the displays
• So much admiration for Simon’s integrity as he transitions into a different and exciting role.
• Endless jobs that need doing and our admin team, Sarah and Jacob who work so well together to ensure our college keeps running!
• Ace job from Mike H who after two weeks has just slotted into our team and is amazingly supportive of all his new colleagues
• Luke, our new Engineering teacher; wow what an effort in terms of developing plans and resources for your teaching
• Pete for all the work with employers as well as in one week having to get NPQSL coursework completed, attend Level 6 careers course and finally show up to an Arts mark meeting!
• Cat, this woman amazes me with her contacts, you may have heard her on BBC Radio Devon this week. A big thank you for once again promoting our college.
• Jenna, second week here and already we can see the impact of Jenna’s talent in engaging young people. She is on the ball!
• Leigh, whatever I ask him to do gets done! So dependable and yet happy to sit with students helping with homework missing his lunch.
• No matter what your role is in the college when people are asked if they can help they do. Thanks Darren for helping with work experience plans and your love of footie really helps us out on a Friday afternoon.
• Reach central team; thanks for putting up with my endless questions and especially to John and Paul for working flat out on the Key Stage 3 business plan! Total stars
So no pics this week just a big ‘shout out’ to my amazing staff and have a great weekend!