Principal's Blog, Week 33 of 2019

When I walk into UTC every morning, I now see diligent students heads down, cups of tea, toast and conversations about homework. What does this mean? How can I expand on this sentence?
Breakfast club has certainly launched in a big way and is growing. Our Interventions team are really ensuring that students make the most of their school day. At lunchtime, I look around and students are playing football, talking to each other, completing homework, reading and playing guitar. Where are the mobile phones?
We have beaten the tide of relentless need for digital updates on Social Media channels and students are seeing the benefit of a life without them.

What I don’t see is the kid sitting in class bored to tears or the kid struggling to understand the maths on the board but the lessons keep going ahead despite the fact that the child doesn’t understand. I don’t see the kid who has read every book in the class and needs more but more doesn’t exist. I don’t see the kid who doesn’t fit in. I don’t see the kid who feels less than.


We may not be traditional but we have high expectations.
Work hard this summer term and prepare for your next steps.

It’s shorts at UTC Plymouth
First it was hoodies, combats and fry ups! Now it’s shorts. After some powerful lobbying by students and a discussion on reasons for or against, we have decided to allow work shorts as part of the uniform. Our first shorts wearers Guy and Ryan arrived on Tuesday. Here they are, modelling in the sunshine.

New Signage
If you drive or walk past Park Avenue in Devonport, please have a look at our new signage. Really pleased with what a great job Roy and the team did at Alphabet Signs. Highly recommended!

UTC Media
This week, Emma from BTEC let us know that the videos involving UTC Plymouth are now on You tube and will be used across the country. Really proud of how well our staff and students came across in these and what a brilliant vehicle they are for showing our facilities. Sit back and enjoy!

Descriptive Writing
I know we are college specialising in STEAM, but it’s brilliant to see how amazing our students are in developing their descriptive writing skills. we are really proud by one student’s incredible effort this week and wanted to share an extract with you. Well done Cameron; you have a real talent.

UTC Combined Cadet Force

The crew were lucky enough to be whisked away to Jupiter Point this week as part of our ongoing Royal Navy Combined Cadet Force programme. The Cadets took control of a small river vessel which they drove up and down the River Tamar. One crew was lucky enough to drive right underneath the Tamar Bridge and were more than fortunate enough to see a dolphin swimming playfully in the water. What an experience!

Two Cadets, Ryan & Luke said that the experience had inspired them to take up a Level 2 Course in Power Boating as they wanted to become qualified boat instructors – this is one qualification that is available to our CCF Cadets and something that will set them up for later in their career as Power Boat instructors as this is a qualification that not many people have on civvie street!

A great day out all round! Well done team!

Finally, I hope you all had a great half term break. We have 7 weeks of very hard work and focus ahead as students go off to La Rochelle for our return visit. We are also getting ready for the annual Royal Navy Field Gun Competition, we welcome our new students for transition days and we prepare for Mock exams. Plus, we have a National event taking place here on June 20th; really excited to host Plymouth Educational leaders conference.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!