On Wednesday, we threw open our doors to welcome all of our new Year 10 & 12 students who have signed up to UTC Plymouth for September 2018. We offered a range of exciting activities based around our main subject areas; Engineering, which included welding, CNC machining and CAD Design, Computer Science which included web coding & design and music technology, and Physics, where the students learned about forces & acceleration of gravity and air resistance by taking part in the egg drop challenge.

During the break times in the beautiful weather that we have been experiencing recently, we all took to the table-tennis tables out in the quad and answered questions that the new cohort had about their new school. It was a truly inspiring day! Here’s what some of the students said;

“Interesting and knowledge developing”.
“This activity is great”
“This session proved to me that I made the right choice on coming to UTC Plymouth”
“It made UTC Plymouth more awesome”