COVID 19 Vaccinations

COVID vaccination postponed - Flu Vaccination to go ahead- Message from the Immunisations Team

Dear parent/guardians,

We are very sorry, but as we are rolling out this new programme of immunisations alongside the Flu programme, we are having to adjust the way we deliver, while always prioritising the safety of the children we are working with.

To ensure the session is run safely with appropriate staffing we are having to postpone your school's session for Covid vaccinations due on Friday 8th October.

The flu vaccinations will be going ahead as planned on this date.

We will be in contact via the school as soon as this session is rearranged.

Many apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Immunisations Team

Dear Parents/ Carers

RE: Covid-19 Vaccinations

You will be aware of the recent government announcement regarding the national rollout of a Covid-19 vaccination programme for young people aged 12 and over (as of 22 Sept 2021). Schools have been asked to provide a site for this vaccination programme and guidance was issued nationally by the DfE to schools on Wednesday.

Our local vaccination team has contacted us, requesting we provide a facility for Covid-19 vaccinations in school on Friday 8th October 2021 along with routine nasal flu vaccinations. Information regarding the nasal flu vaccination (including the consent form link) has been emailed to parents of Years 7-11 today. The Consent Form link for the Covid-19 vaccination will be forwarded to parents/guardians once this is received by the Immunisation Team (this will be a couple of days before the actual vaccination on 4th or 5th October 2021). Once submitted, your consent form goes directly to the Immunisation Team. Please note that parents/guardians will only be given 48 hours to consent / decline the covid-19 vaccination, so it is imperative that parents/guardians respond within that time frame once the link is received. They will not accept consent forms on the day.

Please find some national guidance below for your information.

COVID-19 Vaccination - Resources for Children and Young People - Gov.uk

Like all school-based vaccination programmes, the vaccines will be administered by healthcare staff, following the usual approach to school-based immunisation. The School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) will be the primary provider of the vaccination programme for healthy 12+ year olds and will be legally responsible for the delivery of the vaccine.

The SAIS provider will be contractually responsible for the service, as they are for other school vaccination programmes. The vaccines will be administered by healthcare staff with appropriate qualifications, who work to nationally agreed standards. Vaccines are offered in schools to ensure easy access for all children.

The programme will be delivered by an NHS commissioned SAIS team, which may include nurses, healthcare support workers, administrative staff, and other associated professionals who specialise in the delivery of school age vaccinations. The team will administer the vaccination according to nationally agreed standards. Staff are appropriately qualified, trained (including in safeguarding) and experienced in vaccinating children and young people. Staff administering the vaccine will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

** Please Note**

Whilst schools may host immunisation services, they are not responsible for securing parental or child consent, for assessing Gillick competence or mediating between parents/carers and children who may disagree about whether or not to consent. This is the role of registered nurses in the SAIS, who have extensive experience and the expertise to handle these issues and are professionally accountable for their decisions. Legal accountability for offering COVID-19 vaccines to children and young people sits with the SAIS and not with the school.

Gemma Laing

Director of Pastoral Care

Covid- 19 Vaccine Information

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