Attendance & Behaviour

Treating our young people with the respect they deserve.


Attendance and Absences

Students are expected to be in school at all times and will be rewarded for excellent attendance. In the case of unavoidable sickness, please inform the school on each day of illness.

Dental and medical appointments should be avoided during school hours. Any medical absence should be supported by either a letter or a medical appointment card.

If a student’s attendance drops below 95% we will require medical evidence for all future sickness/illness absence.

All students will receive a back-to-work interview on return and will be expected to complete all missed work at home.

Behaviour Code

Many of our industry partners and businesses visit our site frequently, therefore we must ensure that we present an adult environment. We have Standard Operating procedures regarding the way students present themselves around the college.

Students are requested to:

  • Use low toned respectful language in all spaces including corridors
  • Be polite to all staff and guests by opening doors and asking if a guest requires help
  • Respect all spaces and equipment. Do not eat, put feet up or lie down on sofas
  • Stand quietly outside classrooms/workshops in a respectful manner
  • Remain standing until asked to sit by staff member
  • Take off bags, backpacks and be ready to learn

We aim to help young people to embody our college values and ethos.
All lessons are graded between 1-5, grades are rewarded for:

  • Student’s behaviour and attitude to learning
  • Student’s fulfilment of the learning objectives

Students must gain a 4.5 grade point average or above by Friday Period 5 to gain Golden Time.

Students will be given ‘amber’ warnings for unacceptable or negative behaviour – this allows them to quickly adjust and improve their behaviour. A ‘red’ warning is given when students refuse to amend their behaviour.

Any red warnings issued for any of the following reasons will result in no golden time and could lead to exclusion:

  • Poor or aggressive language
  • Bullying/put downs
  • Physically dangerous behaviour
  • Damage to property

Please see our behaviour policy for more information.

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