Building Today For Tomorrow's Future

The first of its kind in the South West, UTC Plymouth is an educational college for 11-19 year olds specialising in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

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Revolutionising How We Teach Our Students

Our curriculum is delivered through a combination of hands-on learning in industry standard workshops, a high academic standard within core subjects and industry-led challenges with the aim of offering clear progression routes into employment, apprenticeships, higher education or further learning in work.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values have been developed by students and sanctioned by our partners as personal attributes they desire in employees. They are the bedrock of our college in terms of our ethos, expectations and the personal development journey of our students. Our core values are tied to and inform our behaviour and reward policy.

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Today's Education For Tomorrow's Jobs

UTC Plymouth works with the most exciting employers in the South West.

Everything you learn is geared towards helping you get an apprenticeship, setting you up for university and starting an exciting career in high paying industries.

Meet Our Partners

Partnership ply uni
Royal navy
Plymouth chamber
Partnership ply uni
Royal navy
Plymouth chamber
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Meet The Team

UTC Plymouth is proud to have the very best staff to support your child on their educational journey.

All of our students are on a first name basis with our staff, helping to create a professional environment more like work and less like school. We do things differently at UTC Plymouth.

Polly Lovell

Executive Headteacher UTC Plymouth and Millbay Academy

Email Polly Lovell
Jo Ware


Email Jo Ware
Justine Hardie

Deputy Head Teacher, DSL, English Teacher

Email Justine Hardie
Leigh Hotchin

Director of STEAM, Science Lead, Assistant Head of School

Email Leigh Hotchin
Pete Bragg

Assistant Head of School, Director of 6th Form, Strategic Partnerships and Careers Lead

Email Pete Bragg
Gemma Laing

Director of Pastoral Care, English Teacher

Email Gemma Laing
Nathan Tills

KS3 Pastoral lead, Safeguarding Officer

Email Nathan Tills
Amanda Lane

English Lead, English RSL

Email Amanda Lane
Mike Axworthy

Lead Maths Teacher, Maths RSL

Email Mike Axworthy
Hazel Coxon

Lead Teacher of Art & Design, Vocation Faculty Lead, Deputy T&L

Email Hazel Coxon
Steve Pritchett

Engineering Teacher, KS5 Engineering RSL

Email Steve Pritchett
Scott Sheldon

Head of EBACC Plus and Teacher of Computing. Digital technologies RSL

Email Scott Sheldon
Bex Avery


Email Bex Avery
Kate Baker

Maths Teacher

Email Kate Baker
Sam Barnes

Science Technician

Email Sam Barnes
Sarah Beveridge

Senior Administrator

Email Sarah Beveridge
JJ Bleasdale

Maintenance Apprentice

Email JJ Bleasdale
Sam Carpenter

Maintenance Apprentice

Email Sam Carpenter
Jasmin Chapple

Operational DSL, Deputy SENCO, Lifeworks Inclusion Co-ordinator

Email Jasmin Chapple
Debbie Collins

Computing Teacher

Email Debbie Collins
Doreen Cooper

German Teacher

Email Doreen Cooper
Tracey Davis

English/PSHE Teacher

Email Tracey Davis
Kerry Doney

Office Manager

Email Kerry Doney
Tania Downie


Email Tania Downie
Paige Dunlop

Science Teacher

Email Paige Dunlop
Emma Farrell

English Teacher

Email Emma Farrell
Milly Fisher

English Teacher, PSHE Teacher

Email Milly Fisher
Sarah Franklin

Science Teacher

Email Sarah Franklin
Kate Frewer

Maths Teacher

Email Kate Frewer
Mike Hall

Head of Year 10

Email Mike Hall
Hayley Hall

English HLTA and Year 10 Pastoral Support

Email Hayley Hall
Rachel Hanley - Wildman

Kitchen Manager

Sam Hepworth

PE Trainee

Email Sam Hepworth
Nick Hill


Email Nick Hill
Belle Hookway

English/PSHE Teacher

Email Belle Hookway
Claire Hyatt


Email Claire Hyatt
Katy Jackson

DT/Engineering Teacher

Email Katy Jackson
Esther Knight

Art Teacher, SENCO and and Safeguarding Officer

Email Esther Knight
Andy Lethbridge

Engineering/DT Teacher

Email Andy Lethbridge
Candice Lewin


Email Candice Lewin
Jeanne Madderson

Computing Teacher

Email Jeanne Madderson
Rebecca Manning


Email Rebecca Manning
Andy Mccarron

Science Teacher

Email Andy Mccarron
Ian Mills

Humanities Teacher

Email Ian Mills
Neil Moore

Maths Teacher

Email Neil Moore
Jaime Morrison-Hill

Head of Year 9, PE Teacher

Email Jaime Morrison-Hill
Katarzyna Nowlan


Email Katarzyna Nowlan
Jack Olver

Site Manager

Email Jack Olver
Warren Oreily

Maths Teacher

Email Warren Oreily
Helen Parkinson

Kitchen Assistant

Email Helen Parkinson
Leon Richards

Science Trainee Teacher

Email Leon Richards
Lucy Rothero

PE Teacher

Email Lucy Rothero
Jake Rowlinson

Art Teacher

Email Jake Rowlinson
Charlie Sharp

Computing Teacher

Email Charlie Sharp
Tristan Sheaff

Humanities Teacher

Email Tristan Sheaff
Ellie Sheridan

SEN Apprentice

Email Ellie Sheridan
Helen Sowerby

Science Teacher

Email Helen Sowerby
Matthew Treeby

Maths Teacher

Email Matthew Treeby
Jenna Trolley

Science Teacher

Email Jenna Trolley
Emma Walsh


Email Emma Walsh
Matt Ward

Engineering Teacher

Email Matt Ward
Bex Waters

Head of Year 11 / PSHE/RE Teacher

Email Bex Waters
Marcus Williams


Email Marcus Williams
Sophie Wood


Email Sophie Wood
Josh Yates

Science Technician

Email Josh Yates
Paul Youngman

Royal Navy Liaison Officer

Email Paul Youngman

Our Governors

Our Board of Governors is made up of people from the community who have business, management or education experience, alongside staff and parents.

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We aim to promote an environment which values the students and staff who work within the organisation.

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The policy of safeguarding, and its associated procedures and protocols, is based on the principles that are at the heart of UTC Plymouth.

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Core British Values

Our curriculum at UTC Plymouth actively promotes ‘British’ values. This includes the values of democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty and mutual respect/ tolerance for others. These values run alongside and complement our UTC Core Values.

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