Core British Values

Social | Moral | Spiritual | Cultural

The curriculum at UTC Plymouth actively promotes ‘British’ values. This includes the values of democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty and mutual respect/ tolerance for others. These values run alongside and complement our UTC Core Values of: Respect, Resilience, Dedication, Discipline and Professionalism.

British Values

At UTC Plymouth, our core values are used as the basis of our behaviour and conduct policy. Lessons are graded 1-5 and a grade 4.0 points average is expected from each student at the end of the week, otherwise they will lose their right for an early finish on a Friday.

Alongside this, the Core British Values are reinforced in the following ways and are displayed in every classroom throughout the school:


Students have a say in college life and regularly take part in student voice surveys and panels. Termly student reward meetings are held with the Principal and Vice Principal where students are given the opportunity to give opinions. We also have regular reviews and student leadership meetings.


Students are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe environment and also understanding that they are accountable for those choices.

Respect and Tolerance

Mutual respect is an integral part of the culture at UTC Plymouth. Our Oracy lessons teach students to respect the values and beliefs of others, which extends to the whole college philosophy.


Pupils understand the difference between right and wrong. They recognise that there are consequences for every choice that they make and apply this to their lives inside and outside of school by respecting English civil and criminal law.

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