Curriculum Intent

UTC Plymouth's mission and intentions towards learning.

Our Intent is to develop the whole person in order to prepare them to be life-long thinkers within whatever career sector they choose. Our ‘Think Like an Engineer’ prepares our young people with an evidenced based mindset to become resilient learners who can identify problems, make mistakes, apply their skills and reflect critically. We aim for our young people to develop into independent, empathetic members of society who will be the architects and builders of tomorrow's world.

Our curriculum focuses on developing the right combination of knowledge, skills, and mindsets to ensure every student can fulfill their academic, social and creative potential, improving life-chances for all, including those disaffected or disadvantaged.

We want to enable our students to reach standards of attainment comparable with the best performing jurisdictions in the world and provide opportunities for all students to develop an understanding of our shared culture and their place in it. As a University Technical College, we further equip our students with the knowledge, technical and digital skills that will empower them to engage in the local, national and global workplace.

UTC STEAM Curriculum

Curriculum Narratives

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