Sports & Wellbeing

We are extremely proud of our unique position within the education sector and our students agree, as you can see.

Dedication, Discipline, Resilience, Professionalism and Respect

We provide a wide and varied quantity of physical training and well-being opportunities to all of our students, and we are supported by an equally diverse range of professional and high-profile organisations.

Our commitment to both staff & student mental and physical health is one of our highest priorities. The provision that UTC Plymouth offers makes great use of our local resources and partners to provide a unique, challenging and exciting array of opportunities throughout every day.

Our staff are also devoted to providing physical training and well-being enrichment activities throughout the week and they do so in their own time – this is something that most of our students really get their teeth into and frequently display everything that UTC Plymouth stands for – our Core Values.

No other schools are able to offer the wide variety of physical training and well-being opportunities that UTC Plymouth do, and we are extremely proud to stand out from the crowd in terms of the kind of provision that we offer.

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