Visible Learning at UTC Plymouth

At UTC Plymouth, we follow John Hattie's Visible Learning Theory. As staff, we aim to put ourselves in the mind of the learner. All students have a clear understanding of what they are learning and why. Outcomes will be explicit. Students will also be able to vocalise their strengths and areas to improve. All of our educators are aware of Hattie's mindframes. Our particular foci are: ‘I am an evaluator’ and ‘I am a change agent- know thy impact’. Our collective efficacy ensures that we are all working towards a common goal: to ensure that the whole child is supported in their development through a structured curriculum.

We will:

-Follow Standard Operating Procedures in all lessons

-Share and display Assessment Objectives

-Focus on work presentation, including practical

-Share and celebrate WAGOLL in all areas

-Set clear targets underpinned by a range of feedback

-Share the bigger pictures with students

-Display work on Google classroom

-Celebrate failure as a chance to learn

- Embed and instil our Visible Learning ‘Think Like an Engineer’ mindset

Curriculum Intent

Our Intent is to develop the whole person in order to prepare them to be life-long thinkers within whatever career sector they choose. Our ‘Think Like an Engineer’ pedagogy prepares our young people with an evidenced based mindset to become resilient learners who can identify problems, make mistakes, apply their skills and reflect critically. We aim for our young people to develop into independent, emphatic members of society who will be the architects and builders of tomorrow's world.

Think Like an Engineer!

The ‘Think Like an Engineer’ mindset underpins our Visible Learning culture: Identify, plan, research, create and evaluate are the key pedagogical rules that we all follow and embed within every subject area. Communication and oracy skills are explicitly woven through our entire curriculum philosophy. These fundamental principles drive forward an inquisitive, problem-solving approach.

Our curriculum is built on a foundation of visibility and celebration. In everything that we teach, we will display and refer to the highest standards of WAGOLL 'What a good one looks like'. High quality, assessment focused examples are regularly displayed and reviewed so that students can visibly see what they need to achieve. 'Know thy impact' is at the heart of every educator's mindset. We regularly evaluate using a triangulation of data in order to improve the delivery of our curriculum and enhance the provision for our learners.

10 Mindframes for visible learning

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